Rope Access Cleaning and Maintenance

Over the years industrial rope access has become more and more popular across the UK and Europe, this due to the size of buildings increasing and the difficulty in maintaining these building types. Our abseil teams go straight to work completing most maintenance jobs far quicker than traditional methods, our team members have years of abseiling experience as well as experience in industrial cleaning and maintenance.

Some buildings and structures (usually placed in City centres) can not be cleaned and maintained with the more traditional methods, that is where rope access cleaning and maintenance comes in. We offer the same cleaning and maintenance services that any other traditional cleaning does, how ever our is for specialist buildings and structures.


Rope Access UK have a team of dedicated, trusted, qualified and experienced rope access cleaners. We welcome the challenge to find innovative solutions to the problems of constructing and maintaining tall or unusual structures.

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Our Services

As you may have guessed, we provide industrial rope access cleaning, maintenance and repair services across the UK. No building or structure is too large, we currently clean and maintain various structures across the UK.

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Call: 01253 804 111

  • We provide training courses that provide more than just knowledge of industrial rope access. We work to the highest standards as set down by IRATA, our trade association, and offer technical, practical and safety training. Contact us for more information.

  • We emphasise all safety aspects of working at height, and are tailor our team members to suit specific projects and applications. All our team members have their indvidual expertise and strength and our teams are assembled to suit each individual project.

  • Our team solve access problems through the application of teamwork and each team member has considerable practical experience of working at height. Our expertise in, and knowledge of, the subject of access to difficult places is exemplary.

  • Our team members have years of experience in abseiling and cleaning. It takes years of practice and training to become a member of our team. Each member is dedicated to providing the highest standard of cleaning and maintenance services.